October 8, 2012

Review: 2013 Ducati Monster 796

The 2013 Ducati Monster 796 provides an ergonomics & a carefully designed balance between performance and usability. The 796 engine is a completely brand new, lightweight desmodue power unit designed to provide the torquey, smooth and enjoyable character famous of all Desmodromic L-Twins. 

The Monster 796 produces 84hp 64kW 8250rpm of power and a torque to 58lb-ft 78Nm 6250rpm. The extremely lightweight aluminium alloy Y-shaped, 5-spoke wheels reduce unsprung weight and improve agility. The 3.50x17 front wheel is fitted with a 120 and 70ZR tyre while the rear 5.50x17 wheel has a 180 and 55ZR. 

The result is lightweight & precise steering that is extremely responsive at all speeds while giving the vehicle exceptional stability. The riding position of the Monster 796 has been specifically designed to put you firmly in control
The seat height is only 800 mm 31.5in, making it easier for get both feet firmly planted on the ground. The Monster 796 has enhanced comfort and control with 20mm higher bar-risers gripping sturdy tapered section aluminium handlebars
The Monster 796 is proud to show its unmistakable style as the ‘Italian ambassador in the world of motorcycling. The 17 wheels in the five Y-shape mount a stylish pin-stripe for 60 of the circumference of the rim which creates a full circle of red when in motion. The 2013 Ducati Monster 796 has a price of $10,295 USD. 

By Masei Helmet & Luusama

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