October 22, 2012

A Short Review: 2013 KTM 300EXC

The 2013 KTM 300 EXC is equipped with the same technical features as its 250cc brother. The revolutionary DDS clutch feels fantastically light and smooth as well, and it carries on where others climb off. 

Technology of the two-stroke engine has indisputable advantages, including a high power/displacement ratio and low weight. Its tried and tested chassis is tailor-made for extremely tough tracks, it results more performance and playful handling. 

Extremely stable aluminium handlebars from Neken and new 2-component grips with KTM logo deliver excellent feeling and improved grip. It is equipped with both kick and electric starters, simplifies starting the bike in all situations and conditions. 

The placement is in a longitudinal direction above the ignition, it is optimally protected and provides a decisive advantage in hard off-road use. Learn more about detail specification and new features equipped on 2013 KTM 300 EXC.


Engine and Transmission – Plenty of power from the bottom up and controllable rideability throughout the rev range, every rider can easily vary the power development between soft and aggressive in a matter of seconds. And the new reed valve block delivers perceptibly better acceleration and more homogeneous power development. 

The newly developed cylinder head delivers smoother and more even responsiveness. New jets tuned to the modified cylinder head ensure even better rideability. Power-valve exhaust control, 6-speed transmission and electric starter well tested for 250cc and 300cc engine.

Chassis and Suspension – It has its own individual suspension setting that optimally tuned to weight and engine. While at the rear, a PDS shock absorber from WP Suspension works with a direct linkage to the upper side of the swingarm. 

The wide range of setting options for rebound damping and high and low-speed compression damping are standard on KTM bikes. High quality CNC-machined hubs and black coated spokes increase corrosion resistance and centre the new, extremely stable, 7050 aluminium rims from Giant. New Maxxis Fim tyres are specially developed for excellent traction, very precise directional control and a long service life on 2013 KTM 300 EXC.

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