May 31, 2011

Male & Female Bikers Wanted for Masei Helmet TV Commericals

Male & Female Bikers Wanted for Masei Helmet TV Commericals

Free Lodgings & Meals in Tokyo &
Free Air-tickets for 2 lady bikers.

May 25, 2011

History of ARAI Helmets Ltd - No. 1 Helmet Maker in the World.

Arai Helmet (株式会社 アライヘルメット) is a Japanese company that designs & manufactures motorcycle helmets and other helmets for motorsport. It was formed in 1926 by Hirotake Arai as a hatmaker. He was born in Tokyo as the eldest son of Yuichiroh Arai and he founded the business in 1937 for manufacturing the headgears and in 1949 their manufacturing headquarter started to make factory workers helmets. Arai Helmet Ltd was established in Ohmiya, Saitama. Now, his eldest son, Micio Arai holds the president of this company.

Every Arai helmet is hand-built. The superior quality is well-known and always named as No.1 helmet maker worldwide. All Arai helmets sold in the USA meet or exceed the Snell Memorial Foundation safety standards. The current certification for motorcycles is M2010 which was released in the beginning of 2010. For auto racing and karting the helmets that are sold today are still SA2005 and K2005 certified, these helmets will be legal for competition until 2015.

Arai has been ranked first in customer satisfaction in all ten annual J. D. Power and Associates Motorcycle Helmet Satisfaction Studies. Several prominent MotoGP racers use Arai including Nicky Hayden and Dani Pedrosa. Although popular in MotoGP many of the Formula 1 drivers also use Arai Helmets since the Arai GP-6 RC is one of the few helmets that meets the FIA requirements for the sports. The drivers include: Adrian Sutil, Heikki Kovalainen, Kamui Kobayashi, Lewis Hamilton, Lucas Di Grassi, Mark Webber, Rubens Barrichello, Sebastian Vettel, and Jenson Button.

May 21, 2011

May 19, 2011

VICTORY - Vision Touring Motorcycle Bike 2011

The Victory Vision Tour is the most progressive luxury touring bike out there, loaded with state-of-the-art features designed specifically to make you feel guilty when you're not running up the odometer. Every inch of this touring machine is designed to keep you out doing what you love the most.

New 106-Cubic-Inch Freedom V-Twin: The ultra-reliable, smooth-running, counter-balanced Freedom 106/6 Stage 1 V-Twin delivers outstanding power for city driving and long-distance touring.

2011 Victory Vision Tour - Specifications
USA MSRP - $23,199 USD


(153mm x 48mm x 100mm)

May 16, 2011

Masei 815 Gold-Plated Chrome Modular Helmet !!!

We take custom orders for these masei gold-plated and chrome modular helmets! Custom-making orders take 3-5 weeks.

If interested, please email us to and contact Susan and Oiwah for more details.

Honda Motocross Bike 2011 - CRF250R

The 2011 CRF250R has several improvements intended to keep it at the front of the pack on the motocross track. The Honda Progressive Steering Damper (HPSD) has a larger damper piston for more precise tracking, and new suspension settings front and rear are said to offer better chassis balance.

In addition, modifications to engine tuning have improved bottom-end and midrange performance, and a new muffler meets the 94-decibel sound requirements of some racing organizations. The price is affordable too - US$7199

At a Glance:
List price $7199
Engine type four-stroke Single
Bore x stroke 76.8 x 53.8mm
Displacement 249cc
Transmission speeds 5
Front wheel travel 12.2 in.
Rear wheel travel 12.5 in.
Fuel capacity 1.5 gal.
Seat height 37.6 in.
Front brake disc
Rear brake disc
Claimed wet weight na

May 11, 2011

First MOTORCYCLE in Hisotry - 1885 by a German Inventor Gottlieb Daimler

First MOTORCYCLE in Hisotry - 1885 by a German Inventor Gottlieb Daimler

Gottlieb Daimler in Germany invented the first gas-engined motorcycle in 1885, which was an engine attached to a wooden bike. That marked the moment in history when the dual development of a viable gas-powered engine and the modern bicycle collided.

Gottlieb Daimler used a new engine invented by engineer, Nicolaus Otto. Otto invented the first "Four-Stroke Internal-Combustion Engine" in 1876. He called it the "Otto Cycle Engine" As soon as he completed his engine, Daimler (a former Otto employee) built it into a motorcycle.

May 5, 2011

US Motorcycle Fatalities Declined by 3% to 4,376 death in 2010

Motorcycle fatalities had declined by at least 2 percent last year, according to a report by the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) reports.

Based on preliminary data, the GHSA projects that fatalities declined from 4,465 in 2009 to 4,376 or fewer in 2010. The data is based on 50 states and the District of Columbia.

The motorcycle crash study is being conducted at the Oklahoma Transportation Center, an independent and well-respected research facility at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

May 3, 2011

World's LONGEST Motorcycle Bike - Almost 15 Meter Long !!

A motorcycle longer than a double decker bus!! 29 year-old Colin Furze built the 14.26 metre long motorcycle in an attempt to break the current world record of 9.6 metres.

This piece was built from two 50cc Honda Sky mopeds and aluminium trellis.

To break the record Furze not only had to build the bike but he also had to ride it a minimum of 100 metres, which he did with ease.

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