September 30, 2010

Yamaha's 2009-2010 Global Motorcycle Sales Trumbled on Debt Crisis & Stronger Yen

Yamaha Motor Co., the world’s 2nd motorcycle maker, said sales in North America and Europe may fall twice as much as forecast, since the spreading debt crisis damps demand. Combined sales in North America and Europe may decline as much as 20 percent this year. Slumping demand for motorcycles in developed countries is forcing Yamaha to slash jobs and close plants. The company will shut five factories in Japan and one making boats in the U.S. by 2012, adding to the closure of a motorcycle plant in Italy last year. Yamaha will cut as many as 1,000 jobs this year after eliminating 1,100 positions in 2009.

The company last year posted its first loss since the year ended April 1984 as sales tumbled 45 percent in North America and 25 percent in Europe. Declining demand for large leisure-oriented models in the U.S., such as the 1.3-liter $19,690 Royal Star Venture, contrasts with a recovery in car sales.

September 28, 2010

US Motorcycle Sales Down 17.3% in the first six months of 2010

First six months of motorcycle sales in US are still down, compared to the same reporting period in 2009, according to various sources.

The motorcycle sales in America has kept slumping down since the financial year of 2008, especially the sale of off-road motorcycle. It is understandable that, in any bad economy, more people are concerned about their works than leisure.

The YTD motorcycle sales figures for Q1 and Q2 (combined) 2010 and a comparison to 2009:

Q1-Q2 2010 Q1-Q2 2009 Change % Change
Dual Sport 14,045 15,700 -1,655 -10.5%
Off Road 44,673 54,416 -9,743 -17.9%
Street Bikes 181,542 212,129 -30,587 -14.4%
Scooters 14,122 16,079 -1,957 -12.2%
Totals 254,382 298,324 -43,942 -17.3%

September 23, 2010

Photo Shooting of Helmets

Here is our photo workshop in Foshan, China.
We shoot our helmet products once a month.

September 22, 2010

Tragedy of US Motorcycle Off-Road Maker - U.S. Highland

The future of US Highland, an upstart American off-road motorcycle manufacturer, is now facing an uncertain situation, after the deaths of company President Mats Malmberg, Chief Operating Officer Chase Bales and Chief Financial Officer Damian Riddoch, in a plane crash near Tulsa, Oklahoma, late Saturday, July 10.

The three men were returning to their Tulsa-area homes from a business meeting in Detroit. Bales was piloting the private plane, a twin-engine Cessna 421, at the time of the crash.

The plane crash-landed in a densely wooded area less than a mile north of the airport. They were pronounced dead at the scene. The reason investigated was due to the the plane running low on fuel.

U.S. Highland had just recently completed construction of a new motorcycle factory in Mounds, Oklahoma, and was starting production of its first customer bikes with deliveries scheduled for August - the 1050cc Viking streetfighter & 950cc Desert X enduro.

The company has the 30-plus employees currently working at the main U.S. Highland facility in Tulsa. The company's stock value fell by 44 percent in over-the-counter trading on the news of the crash.

September 16, 2010

Masei Motorcycle Chopper Short Helmet

Our new Masei Shorty Helmet (with fire pattern) gives riders the open road feel while still providing the safety, fit and comfort you are accustomed to. Only US$34 including shipping fee worldwide.

September 13, 2010

Masei Motorcycle Racing Sponsorship By Luu

Hi! Bike friends!

I am luu and I am on trip for 3 days. Thanks for your usual support.

Recently, I received few emails and twitter messages about our racing sponsorship.

Let me clear this out here. Yes, I can sponsor any racer in formal motorcycle racing tournaments for our helmets, boots, and T-shirt. We can customly make them for racing friends.

On the other hand, I also can give out some of our motorcycle accessories to related organization for charitable purpose.

Please email me personally to, but I reply slowly sometimes, due to the frequent trips. Or you can leave me a message in our facebook group. I want to hear from you my pals! Keep in touch


September 9, 2010

Masei Motorcycle Biker Shoe 101 By Luusama

Motorcycle Shoes are retailing up to US$250-500 in store...

Those prices are not affordable for normal consumers. Now, you can have a chance to get it for less than US$49 plus actual shipping fee. We customly make one by one upon your size.

This shoes can help you maintain a strong cadence, and keep your feet cool and comfortable when you’re riding hard.

September 4, 2010

Beautiful UFO HE003 Motorcross & Enduro Helmet

Warrior Helmet by Ufo is a product made entirely in Italy and used by GP riders Tanel Leok, Jonathan Barragan and Speedway Star Magnus zetterstrom. This graphics is my recent favorite. it is Absolutely beautiful.

Achieved after long and attentive research resulting in better protection, and can be used in combination with the modern Neck Brace, the UFO HE003 deserves a little attention. When planning this helmet particular importance was given to the internal comfort, (fit and ventilation system), to the aggressive and aerodynamic design and to reduced weight. Conceived, realized and optimized for maximum performance with optimum comfort.

September 1, 2010

Benelli Car-Bike Hybrid with easy & removable cover!

The Benelli Adiva is one of the most interesting new concepts - a two-wheeled cabriolet scooter offering more collision and weather protection than any other available two wheeler, with an easy & removable top.

In European cities, where parking and road space is limited, this type of car-scooter hybrid is beginning to get a lot of attention as commuters are exploring new, more convenient types of personal transport.

To be true, this idea is not quite new. BMW C1 scooter was the first to invent this type of cover bike to solve the space problems of European cities and the inherent two-wheeled disadvantages of weather and crash protection.

Bikes such as the C1 BMW and Adiva are plentiful on roads in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, and are marketed there with a variety of accessories including sound systems, heated seats, sunroof and mobile phone holder.

New Concept Motorcycle Bike in Tokyo

Bike of the future...
It looks like the batman bike in the movies "Batman - Dark knight", isn't it?
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