October 23, 2010

US Motorcycle Sales Down 18.3% in 2010 3th Quarter (June-Sept 2010)

I have shown the US motorcycle sales figures for the first six month of 2010 in my previous article. However, the US motorcycle market contines to slump to the new records.
The Sales data from the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) shows a continued 18.3% drop in annual sales for 2010.

The quarterly sales data claims 555,440 total units sold year to date, compared to 679,806 units from the same time last year. The 18.3% decline is identical to the overall totals in the January through June second quarter report.

On-highway motorcycles sales, which is the largest segment of the report, continues a 14.3% decline with its 265,095 sales down 44,327 units from last year. Scooters sales are down 10.9%, at 2856 units off 2009’s pace, though a slight improvement of the -12.2% of the Q2 report.


2010 YTD Sales 2009 YTD Sales
% Change

Totals: 555,440 679,806 -18.3%
ATVs: 186,688 244,309 -23.6%
Scooter: 23,432 26,288 -10.9%
On-Hwy: 265,095 309,422 -14.3%
Dual: 19,969 23,174 -13.8%
Off-Hwy: 60,256 76,613 -21.4%

October 19, 2010

FREE Helmet Adding Foam Pad for Motorcycle Riders Worldwide

Free Masei Helmet Adding Pad for motorcycle riders worldwide!
We get few complaints about helmet sizing these months.

In order to make a perfect fit for all of motorcycle helmet users, we make these adhesive foams for you to stick them behing the helmet liner and put them in forehead and bottom.

These are foam sizing adjustment pads. Use as needed Behind the linerfor a more snug fit. It can size down from half size to one & half size.
Test fit with pads in place before peeling the adhesive backing off. Once fit is satisfactory, peel it and apply against the EPS headform (styrofoam) belind the liner. See pictures.

All of our new helmets are attached with these adding pads all at our cost starting from Nov 2010.
If you need them now, leave me a messge in facebook and twitter and send you one for free (you pay for shipping fee of US$3.50)

October 15, 2010

Masei 832 Helmet "Luusama Wanted"

Our recent helmet graphics design for Masei Helmets.
This is Masei 832 Helmet and DOT & ECE certified.

October 12, 2010

Tom Cruise 's Motorcycle Crash & Accident in LA

You may have watched "Mission Impossible 2" By John Woo that Tom Cruise rides as a special agent with one wheel on the ground in a super highseed gunning down "bad ass". Not in reality.

While riding his bike around El Lay on Sunday, Tom Cruise had an unfortunate accident. He was at an El Lay intersection on Sunday when an SUV ran a stop sign, causing Tom's red Ducati motorcycle to spin out in order for him to avoid hitting the vehicle. "It was like a scene from 'Mission Impossible,'" said an onlooker.

Cruise struggled to his feet and was seen limping after the accident, but he's fine. Tom sat outside KOI Restaurant on La Cienega, where he made two phone calls and waited for paramedics.

Tom Cruise's publicist, Amanda Lundberg, tells that the 47-year-old Cruise was not involved in any such incident. "Totally false," she says of the report, which also claimed Cruise needed medical attention at a nearby hospital. "Not true at all."

Motorcycle Show in Eicma, Milan, Italy - Nov 4-7th, 2010

Motorcycle Show in Eicma, Milan, Italy - Nov 4-7th, 2010 (10am - 18:30pm)

This is the biggest motorcycle event annually in Europe. There will be 44 Motorcycle-related companies joinning the shows with mos big brands of motorcycle products ranging from motorcycles of latest models to even LED lights...

Every year, there is a population of 300,000-400,000 visitors mostly within Europe including motorcycle-related vendors, manufacturers, agents, businessmen to spend days over there (tired of walking there... better bring a good and comfortable shoes)

As close as I know personally, I have few helmet companies of two friends from China joinning them. They said last year's was not as good as those before 2007.

October 7, 2010

Honda Motor Co makes US$600 Motorbike to Fight Chinese & Indian Rivals

Honda Motor Co., the world’s largest motorcycle maker, will introduce a new motorbike that may be its cheapest to raise sales in emerging markets among rising competition from Chinese and Indian rivals.Honda will build and sell the motorbike for as little as 4,000 yuan ($599) in China starting next year and also introduce it in Nigeria and Latin America. The company will compete with Chinese and Indian motorcycle makers, targeting low-income customers in developing countries.

Currently, the company’s cheapest motorcycle in China is the 100cc Wave that retails for 4,600 yuan, while in India the 36,350-rupee ($817) 97cc CD-Dawn is its lowest priced model. Honda’s most expensive offering is the 1,800cc Gold Wing that sells for 3.68 million yen ($44,370) in Japan.

Honda Motor Co., needs to look for growth from emerging economies, since the unit sales plunged 41 percent in North America last fiscal year. In India, Honda is expanding an existing motorcycle plant and building a new plant to add 2.2 million units of capacity next year in India.

For a long term, profits from emerging markets will become a main source of motorcycle makers' incomes, as developed countries struggle from economic woes.

October 6, 2010

Motorcycle HELMET Graphics in mass production (Dust Free Environment)

Confidential Movies By Luusama

See how helmets are put up graphics in mass production
- 1000-2000 units per day

Not painting one by one that takes few days that you usually see.

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