August 27, 2010

New Release of Masei Bluetooth Helmet (MP3, Radio, Phone)

New Release of Masei Bluetooth Helmet (MP3, Radio, Phone)
ONLY US$125 here including shipping fee worldwide

  • Take or make a cell phone call via your Bluetooth compatible phone
  • Integrated Blinc 3 Bluetooth
  • Lightweight, fiberglass composite shell
  • 3 shell sizes for superior fit
  • Washable/removable technical fabric liner
  • Dynamic, flow-through ventilation
  • Fog-free, scratch-resistant shield
  • Quick-Draw quick release shield
  • DOT/ECE approved
  • OLED screen shows mode (pairing, intercom, FM), for easy use
  • 450 Meter helmet-to-helmet intercom
  • Two high-quality, built-in, multi-directional speakers with true stereo sound
  • Built-in, hidden mic with noise cancellation
  • Listen to MP3 music and GPS instructions via Bluetooth capable devices
  • Incoming calls automatically mute music or GPS instructions and automatically reconnect after call is ended
  • FM radio with auto seek

  • August 26, 2010

    Monster-Looking Scooter - YAMAHA MAJESTY C

    This renovated Yamaha Majesty C is one of "maxi" scooters in our 2010 Yamaha line-up. The 395cc 2010 Majesty pumps out the power of a motorcycle with the convenience and comfort of a scooter.

    Offering a fully automatic transmission, an upgright riding position, great weather protection, and tons of room for a passenger and gear, the 2010 Yamaha Majesty breaks the traditional scooter mold and is fully highway capable.

    Masei 201 Snowmobile Helmet

    Snowmobile helmets come in a variety of styles. The most popular is the full face snowmobile helmet. This type of helmet covers your entire head. They have a flip up shield you look through and a breath box that is usually removable. The breath box helps to reduce fogging of the shield.

    Masei 201 Snowmobile Helmets is the modular snowmobile helmet with an oxygen breathing mask. This style of helmet features a front section that flips up. They will be released next year's (2011) Feb and the pricing is set for US$79 in the market.

    August 21, 2010

    Masei Racing Team (MRT) in CSBK (the 3nd round) - We Won Again!

    Masei Racing Team (MRT) in CSBK (the 3nd round) - We Won Again!!

    We look for at least 1 amateur 125cc racer in CBSK. Also, we are short of technicians, marketing staff, designers, and others.

    Email Us if interested.

    See the coming of our Masei Racing Team's Wu
    in CBSK for reposition and warm-up.

    August 18, 2010

    Yamaha Electric ECO Motorcycle Scooter - EC-03

    Yamaha Motor Co said Wednesday it will start selling its "EC-03" electric motorcycle on Sept 2010.

    The company projects annual sales of 10 million units of the model, priced at 252,000 yen (approx US$2800). This price is a bit higher than my expectation. In China, the similar electric bike is selling for US$150-250. Anyway, this bike is scheduled to be released in Taiwan and Europe begining next year, the company said.

    As Honda Motor Co. plans to begin leasing its new electric motorcycle to domestic companies and other entities in December, eco-friendly motorcycles could become widely used.

    According to Yamaha, the EC-03 model is powered by lithium-ion batteries and does not emit carbon dioxide. As the size of its body is nearly the same as a 50cc scooter, the model will cater to people with 50cc motorcycle driver's licenses.

    The EC-03 is equipped with a plug-in recharging system that enables customers to charge it via household electrical outlets. It can run 43 kilometers after being charged for about six hours.

    August 17, 2010

    Recent Pictures of Masei Helmet Guy - Luusama

    Recent Pictures of Luusama in Tokyo for promotion.
    The TV commericals will be released next year's April.

    August 13, 2010

    Acabion GTBO 55 - Fastest Motorcycle Up to "280mph" like Airplane

    Can you imagine driving from Atlanta, Ga. to New York City in just over two and a half hours? No police cops can even catch you up in highway.

    You're probably thinking you can't even fly between the two cities in under three hours. With all the airport tr­ansfers and walking through baggage claim and dealing with security, you'd be lucky to make it in five hours.

    This super German motorcycle is capable of holding 2 persons andt’s powered by a 700 hp turbocharged engine which given the weight of the bike results in a power to weight ratio of 0.51kg per horsepower. Acabion claims this thing is actually street legal.

    This Acabion GTBO ‘70′ model can go from 0 to 258 mph in about 19 seconds. And it has a top speed of 265 mph at 200 hp with a governor.

    The company only plans to build a total of 26 vehicles from 2007-2011. It costs US$720,000. Who will buy a motorcycle that can not be used on the street? at that price.

    General information
    Model:Acabion GTBO 55
    Rating:52.7 out of 100. Show full rating and compare with other bikes
    Engine and transmission
    Displacement:1300.00 ccm (79.33 cubic inches)
    Engine type:In-line four
    Power:541.77 HP (395.5 kW)) @ 9300 RPM
    Torque:420.00 Nm (42.8 kgf-m or 309.8 ft.lbs) @ 6900 RPM
    Bore x stroke:81.0 x 63.0 mm (3.2 x 2.5 inches)
    Fuel system:Turbo. KKK Acabion Extended
    Valves per cylinder:4
    Cooling system:Liquid
    Physical measures
    Dry weight:360.0 kg (793.7 pounds)
    Overall height:1,270 mm (50.0 inches)
    Overall length:5,100 mm (200.8 inches)
    Overall width:780 mm (30.7 inches)
    Chassis and dimensions
    Frame type:Carbon fibre, self-supporting, redundant with the space frame of the chassis, ‘fail safe principle’ as in aeroplane construction, engine frame high-strength steel tubing.
    Speed and acceleration
    Top speed:466.7 km/h (290.0 mph)
    Power/weight ratio:1.5049 HP/kg
    Other specifications
    Fuel consumption pr. 10 km (6.2 miles):4.00 litres (1.06 gallons)
    Comments:Abicon says fuel consumption at 200 km/h is three times lower in comparison to a compact diesel car and at 400 km/h it is 10 times lower compared to a supersportscar. Even at 600 km/h the Acabion is still efficient, just that there is nothing comparable around on todays roads. An electric power system of 3 KW is used for short-range and slow operation like parking, private terrain, etc.

    August 11, 2010

    Fiberglass Motorcycle Helmet Making Method By Luusama

    Last week, I visited our factory in China with few fiberglass production machine shown in pictures. Each day, each machine can make around 20 fiberglass helmet, if counting 8 working hours. Not as fast as ABS plastics helmet (1 minute 1 helmet)

    Information of making a fiberglass helmet in production.

    (a) providing a fiberglass sheeting;
    (b) mixing course ceramic particles into a thermoset resin;
    (c) impregnating the resin/ceramic particle mixture into sheeting;
    (d) molding the impregnated sheeting into a shape of a protective helmet;
    (e) curing the resin mixture impregnated into the sheeting.

    The ceramic particles are preferably created by chopping a ceramic material. The presence of the ceramic particles in the composite helmet reduces the heat reflectance of the helmet. Finally, because the ceramic particles are course, they will not all flow to “low spots” in the helmet during the curing process. The course ceramic particles will remain entangled with, and caught on the fibers of the sheeting during the curing process.

    August 4, 2010

    Honda CD E-Jane 85cc Weird Motorcycle Bike !!

    This Honda CD E-Jane 85cc bike is a bicycle or motorcycle? The answer is motorcycle.

    The looking is much like a bicycle, but equipped with Honda 85cc engine. Selling for US$5000 in Japan? This is more like a toy to me.

    August 3, 2010

    Honda Scooter Modification - Honda Forza MF08

    This Honda Forza MF08 was modified low enough to race on the street. Japan has long had a vibrant customized scooter culture. Many Japanese young people enjoy taking stock or factory bikes and converting them into decked-out rolling works of art that are customized to the nines. Which of these awesome custom Japanese scooters would you most like to have a chance to take for a ride around the block in Osaka?

    August 1, 2010

    Arai & Shoei Helmet Main Retail Stores in Tokyo

    For Arai & Shoei Helmet fans, the best place for them to shop those brand helmets is in Tokyo North Ueno area (上野) with many motorcycle accessories stores. When you get off the JR Ueno Station (山手線上野站), stay on the left side of the station and walk around 10-15 minutes, you will see many motorcycle accessories stores there under the highway. They sell helmets, gloves, jackets, clothings, shoes, and other accessories.

    There are few rental stores too. For foreigners, please go to CSC store in that area. Foreign licenses are ok too. Daily rentals are around US$120-200. Considerably, that is not so cheap. Anyway, they speak Japanese only in store.

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