April 27, 2012

Monotracer Cabin Motorcycle - a Bullet Motorcycle

Cabin motorcycles, the nomenclature for fully enclosed 2 wheelers, are an interesting vehicle concept that, no matter their function or rationale, have to overcome a lot of resistance from both drivers and motorcyclists.

The Monotracer is the newer, redesigned and updated version and has BMW K1200 power with 130 hp, 14 gallons of fuel on board, tops out at 155 mph and at a steady 75 mph gets 47 mpg. All of the expected climate control features, heating and A/C are included.

The body is a composite-monocoque made from glass, kevlar and carbon weave bonded with epoxy-resin and reinforced with aluminum crash and roll bars.

These enclosed 2 wheelers have stabilizing wheels deployed at low speeds, while stopped and when in reverse. They extend or retract in about a half second and are "computer supervised." When retracted, the stabilizing wheels are still exposed and touchdown when leaned over at 52 degrees, a pretty impressive angle for some high speed maneuvering.

Motorcycle handlebars control the steering, throttle and such and when strapped into your seat, the videos give you the impression of being in a tandem seat airplane cockpit. It actually looks like a lot of fun and performance appears to be really good, more than enough to dust off any cars you're likely to encounter and easily able to keep up with most bikes.

The Monotracer body style looks very aerodynamic though it is not what I would consider beautiful, functionally appealing would be more accurate, though it doesn't look bad by any means. Once you took a high speed ride swooping through the turns, I bet it would begin to look a lot better, too. Also, it seems to be a considerable improvement over the original Ecomobile.

The new Monotracer is priced at 52,000 Euros, (US$73,500), so it's out of reach of a lot of buyers but, exclusivity can be a strong attraction.

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