April 29, 2012

Honda Electric Sport Motorbike RC-E

Good news for the electric motorcycle market is that Honda appears to be poised to jump into the fray with the RC-E, which Honda will have on display as one of seven Next-Generation Electromotive Concept Models. The RC-E, which according to sources, would incorporate Honda's already established electric motors from its Hybrid automobiles, has the potential to set the burgeoning electric motorcycle market on its ear.

The RC-E concept features a very clean looking superbike chassis wrapped in classically styled bodywork that embraces Honda's racing heritage. If this road-going electric superbike was to make it into production, then it would certainly have an immediate impact on the e-bike market. For starters, it looks like a factory effort.

A left-side chain drive and traditional rear brake set-up completes the drive train. Up front a good looking Ohlins inverted fork with radial-mount Brembo calipers and some massive rotors gives the RC-E a superbike pedigree.

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