April 18, 2012

KTM Preview: 2013 KTM Adventure Super Duke

The KTM Head of Development of street bikes, Robert Prielinger, announced the coming of new Super Duke and Adventure models for 2013. The new twins took longer to develop, according to Prielinger, because the company developed new electronics.

Porsche is collaborating with KTM on the new technology, specifically for the ABS on the SMT. Although the successor to the 990 Adventure was ready at the end of 2010, KTM’s Stefan Pierer personally rejected it, because the engine resembled the BMW GS too much. Until 2013, KTM will work on the successors for the Adventure and Super Duke.

Although no specifics were given, KTM plans to produce 1200s, 1000s, and a smaller 700 or 800 version. KTM will use its experience to shed some weight on the models to improve handling. The 2013 Super Duke will have a completely new engine and traction control.

As KTM stated after the victory in the Dakar, a limited production 450 Rally can be had, but don’t get too excited, because it will set you back about 25,000 Euros ($34,000)

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