March 15, 2012

Motorcycle Review: 2012 Victory Vision Tour with Apple Iphone & IPod Plug-In

The Victory Vision Tour makes 1,000-mile Iron Butt trips easy. This is a spectacular, full-featured luxury-touring bike that spoils riders with comfort and convenience, and thrills riding enthusiasts with its power, ride and handling.

o Distinctive bodywork incorporates a full fairing, side storage compartments and a spacious trunk with a passenger backrest and audio speakers.

o Comfortable 2-up seating and low driver seat height: 26.5 inches/673 mm.

o Electric windshield height control, heated seats (individual driver/passenger Hi-Lo controls) and heated handlebar grips.

o Combined 110 litres of cargo capacity in trunk and side storage compartments (all lockable).

o Instrumentation integrated in fairing includes analog speedometer, fuel gauge, odometer, trip meter, and indicator lights.

o Audio system integrated in fairing has AM/FM radio. MP3/iPod® can also be used as audio source. Bike is wired to accommodate CB radio and helmet communicator system.

o Cruise Control is standard.

o Air-adjust rear suspension with 4.7 inches/120 mm of rear travel.

o Dual disk front brakes; front-rear linked braking system.

Pure Victory Accessories for the Victory Vision Tour Include:

o Trunk Cargo Rack, Trunk Liner, Passenger Armrest Kit, and Saddlebag Liners.

o Stage 1 Exhaust, chrome accessories, backrests, auxiliary lighting, and more.

The Victory Vision has several noteworthy improvements for 2011, including:

o New tubular handlebars offer easy steering control and can accept mounts and clamps so a rider can add a cup holder and all common electrical device mounts.

o The dampers have been removed from the side storage compartment covers for easier opening.

o Passenger handholds have a black, textured finish so a passenger has a better gripping surface and there's no paint to nick or scratch.

o The redesigned exhaust tips now resemble those of the Victory Cross Country.

o Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) is standard on the Victory Vision Tour. Sensors on each wheel monitor wheel speed, and if they sense slippage or wheel lock, the ABS provides instant, effective braking to slow the vehicle and help the rider maintain control.

Victory has a track record of consistently outstanding reliability and dependability, which has led to the industry's highest customer satisfaction ratings. This proven reliability, along with the new transmission design, allows Victory to recommend extended oil service intervals for 2011 drivetrains.

The highest performing transmission on the road receives the power generated by the massive V-twin and seamlessly turns it into something you can use. Neutral Selection Assist and helical-cut gears ensure every shift is as quiet and smooth as the one before it.

Standard on the Vision Tour, the Victory Anti-Lock Brake System doesn't discriminate between dry, wet or rock-strewn pavement. No matter what the conditions, ABS monitors what the wheel is doing and gives you consistent, smooth braking from the handlebar lever down to the rubber on the road.

After making every other aspect of long haul cruising as effortless as possible, the throttle hand still had a beef about being overworked. By adding precise, automotive-style cruise control, the right mitt can now simply hang on and enjoy the ride.

Some riders feel they're not getting their due without wind in their face. Others prefer calmer days in the saddle. With the push of a button both get their wish - power the windshield up for full protection with wraparound faring, or slide the windshield down for the gentle wash that comes with the ride.

2012 Victory Vision Tour - USA Specifications/Technical Details
USA MSRP Price: $20,999 USD

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