March 31, 2012

BMW Motorrad Red Hot K1 Sportbike looking like a Ferrari Motorcycle

The BMW K1 was an attempt by BMW to crack the sportbike market, as well as a conscious effort to change BMWs conservative image. An improved K100 with outrageous bodywork and graphics, the K1 certainly made a splash and changed how BMW was viewed in the marketplace.

From 1988-1993 fewer than 7,000 were sold and less than 600 came to the US. Offered up in our favorite red and yellow scheme, this one has got 26,500 miles still looks great. That reminds me a Ferrari Motorcycle instead!

Developed in the wind tunnel, upon release the K1 had the lowest drag coefficient of any production motorcycle. BMW introduced a number of technologies on this bike, including it’s first ABS system, the Paralever swingarm, a 16-valve in-line four and an improved engine management system. 520 pounds dry and with a 22 foot turning radius, the K1 wasn’t the nimble sportbike originally envisioned. Instead, it’s a fantastic high speed sport-touring highway machine.

Controversial when introduced, the look of the motorcycle still has some detractors. That it remains forward-looking and futuristic is a tribute to the original design and we love it. Also introduced in metallic blue, with later years getting a sharp black and yellow, the intense ketchup red/mustard yellow scheme is our favorite.

Although it looked great, the complex bodywork had flaws: it trapped heat and early models were reported to develop finish problems. We’d like more detailed photos, but, save for a small nick over the headight, the bodywork on this one looks great and is perhaps the key element in a well-bought K1.

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