January 10, 2012

HD Negative Comments from a rider: 2012 Harley-Davidson Road King

In this year of 2012, the Harley Davidson Road King draws a lot of attention. Most parts are made of metal. Riding on the highway is very comfortable. It has plenty of torque. Brakes are good for normal and mildly sprited riding. Women say the back seat is comfortable. The paint, fit and finish is as good or better than other brands.

A rider called Kotang said in his google blog:

"NOW, LET ME TELL YOU WHY I SOLD THE ROAD KING AFTER 10 MONTHS AND 5500 MILES. The HD comes with a cable operated clutch, Hydraulic clutch should be standard. Shifting the transmission is terrible. HD'S service manager told me to shift like I was driving a tractor. I could relate to that analogy. I finaly mastered shifting the HD. Nose dive on the HD is as bad as it gets. You learn to adjust. I normally set the suspension so the front and rear will compress equally. Not on a HD, the front suspension and the rear suspension will not work together, regardless of the settings. The dealer service was worse than any dealer I have bought from in the past. If you want a antique motorcycle that is manufactured new, HD has plenty of them."

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