January 6, 2012

2012 New Honda Motocompo Scooter much like a Apple iPhone Concept

Honda Motor in Japan plans to revive the very model of the original scooter eighties of the last century - Honda Motocompo.

The original Honda Motocompo appeared 30 years ago. It was launched in 1981 and was designed specifically so as to climb into the trunk of a new car model of Honda Fit – the smallest car brand.

Its handles and seat is so that we obtain a suitcase on wheels, which is ideally included in the trunk of the car.

The Honda was calculated on the great popularity of these devices, expecting to sell up to ten thousand pieces per month.

The new version looks much serious. It is frankly more than the original Motocompo. The whole idea of the principle remains the same – all the most well-knit, and all surfaces as smooth. The instrument panel is built into a box like the iPhone, which also made removable.

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