August 15, 2012

Wholesale Helmet Business Center for Local Bike Stores and Bikers By Masei Helmets

Working with Masei Helmets as friends & partners- From the beginning of this Sept, We are setting up a new sales office in Guangzhou (separate from our warehouse office in Guangzhou and sales office in Hong Kong) for servicing our customers
better in motorcycle parts wholesale and custom orders.

Why you as local store and local bikers need to pay a high amount to buy helmets from motorcycle importers and middlemen who earn over 100-500% profit from you, because they need to pay importing custom duty, warehouse rent, middlemen fees, bank loans, and others.

You can directly contact our sales office in Guangzhou for wholesale helmets. The minimum order requirement is as low as 1 unit. The delivery time is 9-12 days worldwide with a USPS tracking no, if stockings are available. Custom-order can make your own graphics, colors, & sizes and requires 4-8 weeks, depending on the helmet and its difficulty. As low as 1 unit is acceptable too.

The cost of some famous brand names is 10 times of its store retailing price. Here is where you get a good-quality helmet in wholesale prices to save from middle transaction and where you can truely find a friend as motorcycle partner. Local Motorcycle Stores & Online Retailers Welcomed! Our email is

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