August 17, 2012

BMW Motorrad 2012 - BMW K1300R Carbon

Aggressive. Adrenaline pure. Even when standing still. And even more so as soon as it gets going. What happens at this moment is among the special moments in the life of a biker: a rocket-like start.

Thanks to its geometry, this projectile zooms into orbit like no other. Perfect for the quarter mile. But also for everyday use. And bends. It does not only supremely tap into 173 bhp and 140 Nm and produce a sound from its new hexagonal tube with
catalytic converter and exhaust valve that gives you goose pimples. But also because all this goes hand in hand with fuel consumption and exhaust emission levels which even a “sensible” bike would be proud. After all, BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke.

The very finest technology, ergonomics from the people who invented it and a style which is simply unforgettable. And you can hardly believe that despite all this emotional appeal, it is one of the safest motorcycles with the best levels of everyday suitability: ABS and ESA II as optional extras, for example.

Even the accessories bowl you over: racers order the automatic shift function which allows them to burn through the gears, as well as the MotoGP-style 2D
dashboard – just so that the lap times are official. And if you want to load it up there are even luggage solutions, too. But even they cannot change the fact that this is the coolest power in town. Contact your dealer if you have any questions or concerns about test driving this bike!

Boasting a 127 kW (173 hp) engine as good as tipping a beam at 243 kg together with fuel, a impracticable energy roadster K 1300 R is a singular of a many absolute vehicles on this shred for even a top final for roving dynamics.

The disdainful paintwork on a special model K 1300 R underscores a robust face as good as a sporty, gaunt tail of this jaunty exposed bike. At a same time, a multiple of pad lead Ostra grey as good as lead Sapphire black emphasises a formidable masculinity of this brawny roadster. The sort in Sun yellow presents a fool around of harmony.

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