June 29, 2012

Suzuki Cruiser Bike Boulevard S40 2012

Suzuki is trying to enter the cruiser market segment by proposing affordable models Boulevard lineup. The Japanese motorcycle maker describes this cruiser in three words: fun, pure, and simple.

Nothing fancy as Suzuki develops the chassis for the 2012 Boulevard S40 cruiser from hydraulic front disc brake with drum-type rear brake which both are having primary goal not only to hold the overall pieces of the cruiser together, but also provides reliable braking performance.

The classic look like larger cruiser models with polished upper fork bracket are responsible for giving an attractive and durable clear coat finish.

What makes the 2012 Suzuki Boulevard S40 fun to ride is its big singe-cylinder SOHC with 625cc displacement with air-cooled and four-stroke engine which equips with TSCC (Twin Swirl Combustion Chambers) cylinder head and high mass crankshaft for not only strong, but also low-end power and torque.

The electric starter has automatic decompression system for quick and easy engine starting, the precision electronic ignition system with maintenance-free battery with 5-speed transmission with low-maintenance belt-drive system for quiet, durable, and simple shifting complete the performance on this Japanese cruiser.

The 2012 Suzuki Boulevard S40 cruiser has features such as attractive tear drop-shaped fuel tank with flush-mounted speedometer, custom flat handlebar design, custom-style rear view mirrors, taillight with integrated rear reflector, sleek one-piece saddle, and many more.

Color choices are Metallic Fox Orange/Glass Sparkle Black and Pearl Mirage White/Metallic Veil Silver.

US MSRP: US$5,399

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