June 16, 2012

A Short Preview: 2013 BMW R1250 Roadster

BMW is preparing to launch the redesign of its iconic R1200GS in a new 1250cc-or-so liquid-cooled Boxer powerplant. But there is more Boxer-oriented news to come from BMW for 2013.

More notably, the bike includes several big updates, including what looks like a new and lighter Telelever front end and possibly a new engine.

The chassis appears to be a complete departure from the current R1200 series, led by what seems to be a much lighter front end.

The lower triple clamp looks way more massive than what is usually used, making us think it is somehow linked to the chassis like the Telelever.

The fork is also weird for the black strips in the area where the fork sliders intersect. It can't be a rigid strip, because it would change in length as the fork compresses.

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