May 19, 2012

Motorcycle Review: 2012 Honda Integra

2012 Honda Integra Review

Honda has released the new information about its latest ‘mid scooter concept’, 2012 Honda Integra. A second-generation of Honda’s Dual Clutch Transmission is actually a motorcycle with a scooter-ish riding position which puts the rider’s feet further forward than a motorcycle.

The 2012 Honda Integra is a Honda’s first model to feature a new lightweight liquid-cooled, inline two-cylinder 670cm 3 engine, which it claims delivers strong torque at low to medium rpm with low exhaust emissions and superb fuel efficiency.

Honda Integra provides the convenience of an fully automatic transmission, with the option of a fully manual or a combination of the two option. Fuel economy is a very impressive claimed 76 mpg (27 km/l), though that’s helped by having a relatively modest output of 51bhp/46.1ftlb.

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