November 30, 2011

Fun Motorcycle for young riders in the market: KTM 125 Duke Powerparts Bike

KTM 125 Duke is to engage young riders with the brand’s “Ready to Race” lifestyle. This bike is one of the favourite bikes among young riders with its style and looking.

A satisfied customer said "It had great brakes and it was really easy to handle because it’s so small. For example it was easy to get some speed, step on the back brake and do a 180 and head back the other way without putting a foot down. Aalways a good bike test I reckon as you get an idea of the weight, geometry, brakes, clutch and throttle response. An excellent beginner bike for sure. Of course it is underpowered after riding a 690 but I guess you could still have a lot of fun on this bike. A slightly bigger engine and it would be REALLY fun."

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