January 1, 2017

2017 Honda Goldwing - Strengthen the Suspension and Design

Honda have already developed the front suspension and are now just redesigning the front fender to accommodate the changes.

While looking similar to other leading-link suspension systems, the patent application shows that Honda have redesigned the system specifically for the new Gold Wing; the internals look much more complicated than a standard leading-link setup.

The majority of the suspension movement comes from the leading link, which is attached at the back to a vertical link that comes down from the bike’s headstock. On a conventional leading-link arrangement, this vertical member would be able to swivel to provide steering input but would otherwise be rigidly attached to the bike, allowing a spring and damper unit to be attached directly between it and the leading link.


Here’s where Honda’s design differs. Its vertical element, while attaching the leading link’s pivot point to the headstock, is able to move fore and aft. That movement is controlled by a suspension wishbone attached to a single shock, rather like a BMW Telelever layout.

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