December 22, 2013

2014 Honda Gold Wing Valkyrie F6C

The all-new 2014 Honda Gold Wing was announced today, marking the first new one being built in over 10 years and we here at Dillon Brothers Motorsports couldn’t be more excited. Still better news is the new Valkyrie is even bigger and badder than the previous models. 

The 2014 Valkyrie features the tried and true 1832cc flat 6 engine that Honda uses in the GL1800 Gold Wings and the new F6B. The engineers have managed to shave off an eye popping 154 lbs from the standard Goldwing and in the process they massively increased the power to weight ratio. 

With it’s much improved torque to weight ratio the Valkyrie is said to be able to out-accelerate even the VFR1200F. The improved performance doesn’t stop at a mere increase in power. Honda has beefed up the brake discs from 296mm to 310mm in the front and 316mm on the back with available ABS.  Honda also raised the foot pegs a full 1.3 inches to give the Valkyrie better balance and available lean angle.

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