August 13, 2013

2014 Royal Enfield 535cc Cafe Racer

Royal Enfield 535cc will be a "2014" model, because it is expected to be for sale in the United States so late in 2013 -  not until July or August.

~ Price is expected to be US$7,295.
~ It will have a larger single-cylinder motor — 535cc instead of Royal Enfield's standard 500cc.
~ Power jumps 9 horsepower to a supposed 36hp thanks to displacement, exhaust and tuning differences. (Royal Enfield horses are typically more Shetland than Clydesdale.)
~ It will be 47 pounds lighter than other Royal Enfields, weighing as little as 358 pounds.
~ The sophisticated new frame was designed by the same folks who design Ducatis.
~ It will come with a two-year unlimited warranty.


Accessories will include aluminum fenders instead of plastic; aluminum upper and lower triple trees; a single seat or a dual seat; two sets of exhaust systems; two styles of handlebars; steel, aluminum or plastic gas tanks; and different gear ratios available for use in a potential "spec racing" class.

The most obvious competition for the Cafe Racer is the Triumph Bonneville. That bikes makes 67bhp and 50lb/ft of torque, but weighs 495lbs (wet). Perhaps troublingly for Enfield, it retails for US$7,699 at a comparatively large number of dealers.

The Cafe Racer represents the first all-new design to come from Enfield in 50 years and with looks like these combined with high-quality suspension and brakes, it’s an encouraging sign of a new direction for the brand. 

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