March 27, 2013

2013 KTM Moto3 250 GPR Production Red Bull Race Bike

Taking advantage of a quasi-home round for the MotoGP Championship at the German GP, Austrian company KTM debuted it latest machine last year, the 2013 KTM Moto3 250 GPR production race bike.

Featuring forged aluminum OZ wheels instead of magnesium ones, the production racer also comes sans Brembo brakes and WP suspension (items race teams would likely get from suppliers separately anyways).

There is one big technical difference, as KTM has reduced the bike’s maximum engine speed to 13,500 rpm, down from the 14,000 found on the factory bikes. This leaves the 2013 KTM Moto3 250 GPR production racer with just under 50hp on tap.

A beautiful machine in its own right, KTM’s launch of the 2013 KTM Moto3 250 GPR production race bike was boosted by Sandro Cortese’s Moto3 race win at Sachsenring this weekend, and the young German rider is also leading the Moto3 Championship by 18 points.

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