February 28, 2013

Kawasaki Review: Kawasaki Z800 2013

Kawasaki Z750 will be remembered as a naked successful, characterized by a great value and a design of “compromise” that is designed to be appreciated by a wide audience. Its successor, however, will change dramatically. It will be called Z800, will have a larger displacement engine and, above all, will be characterized by taut lines and angular. The design, aggressive, uncompromising, is based on that of the Z1000. Unlike a traditional naked, Z800 on the engine is partially covered by the crosspieces of the chassis and the bodywork.

This gives the Z800 a massive appearance, typical of high-powered sports naked. The details, however, are in line with those of the mid-sized competitors. The fork does not have the truss and the front brake calipers are axial type. To put it mildly futuristic instrumentation, consisting of three digital displays. Finally, it seems that the Kawasaki Z800 is the first to be equipped with the Stop and Start.

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