December 4, 2012

BMW Motorrad Review: 2013 BMW K1300R

The 2013 BMW K1300R special model underscores the muscular face and the sporty, lean tail of this athletic naked bike. 

The 2013 BMW K1300R boasting a 127 kW 173 hp engine and tipping the scales at 243 kg including fuel, the extravagant power roadster K 1300 R is one of the most powerful vehicles on this segment for even the highest demands for riding dynamics. 

An 2013 BMW K1300R output of 173hp 127 kW and 140 Nm of torque ensure it can handle anything the street can throw at it.

The 2013 BMW K1300R is also the only naked bike available with gear shift assist, allowing riders to change up without declutching or taking their hand off the throttle. 

The 2013 BMW K1300R allowing you to modify the suspension set-up depending on the load you are carrying. The 2013 BMW K1300R Power Roadster is a high-performance riding machine offering a perfect blend of performance, riding safety and technical features carried over from the K1300S. the K1300R were indeed to offer the rider supreme riding pleasure combined with equally outstanding safety on the road, as well as the most sophisticated design features and an extroverted, masculine look. 

The 2013 BMW K1300R very finest technology, ergonomics from the people who invented it and a style which is simply unforgettable. The 2013 BMW K1300R special model also features a high quality carbon engine spoiler in support of its dynamic riding claims. 

2013 BMW K1300R designed without compromise to impress  and to perform. Technology such as the 2013 BMW K1300R famous BMW Motorrad Duolever for optimum handling, and optional BMW Motorrad ABS and TPC Tyre Pressure Control.

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