December 15, 2011

Motorcycle Review: 2012 Triumph Street Triple

When news of the 2011 Triumph Speed Triple hit the internet, with its spiffy new headlight and crazy-light aluminum frame, the clock immediately started ticking on when the 1050cc triple's little sibling, the 675cc Street Triple & Street Triple R would get the same treatment from Triumph.

Hopes for a 2011 update were seemingly dashed when the British company posted the current model Street Triple as its 2011 offering, but rumors persisted that we’d see an updated middleweight naked very soon.

Being released as an early 2012 model, our colleagues in France have seemingly gotten the first official photos of the 2012 Triumph Street Triple & 2012 Triumph Street Triple R, as the bikes were unveiled at a new store on the Avenue de la Grande Armée in Paris.

U.S. pricing and availability has not been announced, though in the U.K., the 2012 models keep the same prices as the 2011 models with the Triumph Street Triple costing 6,649 pounds (US$10,650) and the Street Triple R priced at 7,349 pounds(US$11,772).

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  1. This the exact bike that I ride (well except mine is a 2006)


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